Susan González, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Susan González

Title: Attorney At Law

Susan González is a community activist, an educator and now an attorney. A San Francisco/Bay Area native, Susan began her community activism with a variety of grassroots organizations committed to HIV/AIDS education, communication access, equality, and animal rights.   

An educator for 13 years, Susan discovered her passion for advocacy and legal rights.  It was a natural transition from being a Deaf teacher of the Deaf to being a Deaf attorney of the Deaf community.   

Today Susan devotes her energies and attention to access and equality, international disability policy making, domestic violence/sexual assault, estate planning, queer and elder law, human and animal rights. 

1988 – BSc. Human Development & Education

1989 – Clear Ryan Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential
1991 – Communicatively Handicapped Teaching Credential
1992 – MA. Deaf Education
2006 – Juris Doctorate
2006 -- Domestic VIolence Crisis Counselor
2006 -- California State Certified Mediator
2007 – California Bar License #249932
2008 – LLM International Legal Studie

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